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    Frozen Yogurt

    Yo-Chi Seasonal Flavours

  • Each Yo-Chi yogurt is 98% fat free, contains live & active cultures for balanced inner health and has been lovingly crafted from the finest natural ingredients sourced locally. 

    Where sweetening is required, we believe in adding a little sugar the natural way – using honey, organic agave nectar or raw, unprocessed sugar. Because we do not believe in artificial ingredients of any kind, none of our yogurts are “sugar-free” and of this we are proud. Sugar-free alternatives like Stevia contain artificial antifreeze agents such as Sorbitol, Polydextrose, Erythritol and Maltitol which don't meet our quality standards. We value natural goodness over marketing spin!

    Please note – some of our toppings and products may contain nuts, soy, milk, wheat and eggs.

    Click here to view our nutritional information chart.

    * This nutritional information has been determined by one, or more of the following sources: supplier information, published data and in-house analysis. All data is based on a 15% overrun volume. This information is provided without expressed or implied warranty. We do not take any legal responsibility for the use or reliance of this data. All values are subject to change .

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  • Kosher Certified

    It's Kosher at Yo-Chi

    Yo-Chi Balaclava and Hawthorn are certified by Its Kosher. Yo-Chi Self Serve Frozen yogurt is made from kosher ingredients. All sauces and toppings are also made with kosher ingredients. 

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