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    • About the CHI Club

      Welcome to the Chi Club. We’re so excited to have you aboard and can’t wait to start rewarding you for being an important part of us.


      • 1 point earned for every $10 you spend on any product, at any Yo-Chi store.

      • $10 to spend in store every time you hit 10 points.

      • 2 points straight up, just for joining.

      • 10 points on your birthday every year.

    • FAQ

      Q: What can I earn points on through the Chi Club loyalty program?

      A: You can earn points on all product purchased in our Yo-Chi stores.

      Q: What can I redeem points on?

      A: You can redeem points for any products sold within the Yo-Chi store.

      Q: How many points do I earn for every dollar I spend?

      A: You receive 1 point for every $10 you spend on products in store. Once you reach 10 points you can redeem them for a FREE product up to the value of $12.

      Q: What happens if I lose my loyalty card?

      A: Pick up a replacement card at any Yo-Chi store, log into The Chi Club and visit the 'Card Transfer' section to link your new card to your existing account.

      Q: I am trying to register and it’s not working

      A: First, you will need to make sure that you are entering the Membership number and the Verification code correctly.

      If you have registered a card before, you can’t enter another card to same email address. If you still have issues please email