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      Gaku was born in the temple "Zuisenji", Kyoto in 1966. He studied Buddhist art at Bukkyo University, and worked as a copywriter after graduation. Since 1996, Gaku has worked as an illustrator and priest. His works have appeared in pamphlets for Government and municipal offices, books and magazines including; Monocle, Illustration Now!, and Monthly Kyoto.

    • Gaku Nakagawa art

      Wilfrid was born in 1968 in London, grew up in the countryside then did graphics at Central St. Martins. After graduating he had various freelance jobs including work on the satirical TV program Spitting Image. He now makes sculptures for himself and on commission.

      He finds humour in the world around him and is inspired by friends, faces, bodies, animals, fashion, toys, cartoons and contortionists.

      Wilfrid created our Yo-Chi Bear.

    • Wilfrid Wood art
    • Andy Rementer

      Andy Rementer is an artist from the United States who loves hand-made typography, vintage colours and flea market finds.  Following graduation from The University of the Arts in 2004, Andy lived and worked in Northern Italy before relocating to the east coast of America where he divides his time between drawing, cartooning, painting and animating.
      His colourful work has been featured in a variety of places including The New York Times, MTV, Urban Outfitters, The New Yorker and Warner Brothers to name a few. 


    • Andy Rementer art