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Yo-Chi is ruling the dessert world with delectable made to order creations, showstopping collaborations, and the freshest yogurt and toppings around. See what we're up to here.

    15.02.17:Broadsheet - Yo-Chi Green Pop-Up

    Broadsheet - Yo-Chi Green Pop-Up

    Frozen yogurt spot Yo-Chi has launched a seasonal pop-up kitchen called Yo-Chi Green at its Carlton store, until May. You'll find much more than just sweets here, with a menu also focusing on savoury breakfast and lunch options. The menu features smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls and salads with plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. The pop-up will be open daily from 7.30am and will continue until the cold winter weather begins.

    View the Yo-Chi Green menu here

    13.10.2016:Yo-Chi Self Serve price increase

    Yo-Chi Self Serve price increase

    It's been three years since we last announced this; we will be increasing the price of our frozen yogurt and toppings.

    We're super proud to have brought you the most delicious frozen desserts and toppings in town, the coolest team and most beautiful stores. Our handmade products are local and seasonal, and we make as much fresh product in-house as our hands can manage.

    To continue providing all of this and to ensure that Yo-Chi has a long and wonderful future, we need to move to $3.20 per 100g. This will come into effect as of 14th October 2016.

    We want to keep making the highest quality desserts in the world, and it is you, our loving and loyal customers that keep us going. All of us at Team Yo-Chi thank you and send you out vibes of good Chi.

    03.08.16:Yo-Chi Retail hits all stores

    Yo-Chi Retail hits all stores

    Love Yo-Chi but can't stand to brave the winter weather? Problem solved with our new retail line up. You can now recreate your favourite Yo-Chi invention at home with our Yo-Chi Kitchen take-home toppings and new range of Yo-Chi pot set yogurt.

    Current retail offerings:

    Crun-Chi Granola
    Harvest Granola
    Cornflake Crunch
    Chocolate Soil
    Peanut Butter
    Cornflake Crunch
    Zebra Coconut
    Potset Yogurt with Mango
    Potset Yogurt with Cinnamon Stewed Apple and Rhubarb
    Potset Yogurt with Passionfriut
    Potset Plain Greek Yogurt
    Potset Greek Yogurt Top-Me-Up
    Remedy Kombucha range
    Soda Republic Range
    Clarke St Coffee
    Yo-Chi Water



    Yo-Chi is turning heads and hearts towards local makers and shakers of the hospitality industry.

    We have joined forces with some of our favourite producers to showcase their highly specialised product through our new seasonal, made-to-order ‘Creations Menu’, including coffee from boutique coffee purveyors, Clark St Coffee Roasters. 

    Millie Lowndes, Head of Research and Development at Yo-Chi, sat down for a long black with Tim Crowley, Head of Roasting and Procurement at Clark St Coffee Roasters. Millie has worked closely with Tim and Melissa Floreani of Clark St Coffee Roasters to develop a cold drip coffee that has been hand selected, roasted and brewed to splash over a swirl of our vanilla frozen yogurt for the affogato style Creations Menu dessert ‘Espresso Yo-Self’.

    The cold brew used in the Espresso Yo-Self creation has been hand crafted to compliment the tartness inherent in our naturally cultured yogurt. Tim and his team spent time and care selecting and roasting the coffee for the collaboration with Yo-Chi. The coffee selected is from Finca La Hermosa in Guatemala which has a syrupy mouthfeel and notes of white peach and blossom.

    Clark St Coffee’s philosophy is simple: Seasonality, Quality and Transparency. Tim identifies Clark St Coffee’s ‘green’ outcomes as a result of their fully traceable. He points out that the company strives to be plastic free with their packaging, including their cups and coffee bags both biodegradable and compostable.

    Clark St Coffee’s practices set them apart in the ever-growing Melbourne coffee scene. They source from quality producers and roast each batch with care and precision that seasonality demands. Like other fruits, the characteristics in coffee reflect the seasonal changes and cultivation methods unique to the areas in which it is grown. A team of passionate and dedicated individuals work tirelessly to create and evaluate each roast, ensuring the highest quality product possible.

    Clark St Coffee engages in a Relationship Coffee sourcing model where they travel to origin to meet with producers and import partners to build mutually beneficial trade relationships. Building these relationships helps them secure unique, high quality lots and develop an understanding of the story and sustainable practices behind each coffee.

    While pouring shots from the La Marzocco machine, Tim talks about future plans for Clark St Coffee and where he sees the company heading in the next few years.

    “As Clark St Coffee continues to build relationships with producing partners in countries like Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Brazil, we continue to deliver unique, high quality and sustainable coffees to our customers. Transparency and traceability are key here” says Tim.

    “It’s these commitments along with embracing the seasonality of coffee that allows us to offer fantastic seasonal coffees to innovative and quality driven partners like Yo-Chi.”

    Clark St cold brew will be served as an affogato over a swirl of our vanilla frozen yogurt available as part of our Winter Creations Menu until Spring. 

    04.05.2016:Yo-Chi and Doughboys Make a Frozen-Custard-Filled Doughnut

    Yo-Chi and Doughboys Make a Frozen-Custard-Filled Doughnut

    Two local favourites unite.

    This month, self-serve frozen-yoghurt chain Yo-Chi is teaming up with inventive doughnut-makers Doughboys to recreate the classic ice-cream sandwich.

    The collaborative dessert, called the Frozen Custard Doughnut Creation, will use a signature cinnamon-sugar-dusted Doughboys Doughsie doughnut as the base, and piped Yo-Chi vanilla frozen custard for the filling. Each creation is topped with raspberry coulis, dark-chocolate sauce and white-chocolate popcorn rubble.

    The collaboration marks the launch of Yo-Chi’s new offering: frozen custard.

    “We discovered frozen custard overseas and fell in love with the idea of having a nostalgic new flavour for the winter,” says Millie Lowndes, Yo-Chi’s research and development chef.

    The new frozen custard is a slightly sweeter option compared with Yo-Chi’s signature frozen yogurt.

    “Our frozen custard is a traditional recipe containing egg yolks, cream, milk and sugar. Although it's served in a similar way to frozen yogurt, the flavour profile is quite different, because the predominant tasting notes come from the custard's base recipe,” says Lowndes.

    Doughboys owner Walter McKenzie believes the joint venture is a great way to celebrate the sweet friendship between the two businesses.

    “We were both there in the early days of popularity for frozen yoghurt and for doughnuts in Melbourne,” says McKenzie.

    “I’d been thinking of doing something with frozen custard at Doughboys for a while,” he says, “and Yo-Chi and Doughboys have a very similar idea about the kind experience we want to make.”

    The frozen-custard doughnuts will be made to order from 2pm in all four Yo-Chi stores over three weekends in May (7–8, 14–15 and 21–22). Numbers are limited, so get in early.

    Yo-Chi’s vanilla frozen custard will feature as a regular offering on its winter menu.

    292 Carlisle Street, Balaclava
    (03) 9527 7001

    194 Faraday Street, Carlton
    (03) 9347 7130

    2 Ballarat Street, Yarraville
    (03) 9687 4901

    673 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
    (03) 9819 0046

    Daily 12pm–11pm

    08.04.15:The Melbourne A to Z of Desserts

    The Melbourne A to Z of Desserts

    Listers, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt in this job it’s that no matter how great the main course is, one must ALWAYS leave room for dessert. Melbourne’s tasty dessert offering is second to none, and there’s a smorgasbord of sweet treats out there waiting to be discovered.

    02.03.15:Best Vegan Desserts in Melbourne | Yo-Chi

    Best Vegan Desserts in Melbourne | Yo-Chi

    Frozen yogurt emporium, Yo-Chi, serves a whole host of vegan flavours and toppings, making it the best place to indulge in vegan desserts in Melbourne if chilled treats are your thing. The coconut flavour is deliciously refreshing (we topped ours with the passionfruit coulis and a handful of juicy raspberries—zing!), while dark chocolate and chocolate hazelnut flavours make for a vegan fro-yo combo rich in decadence. An all-round amazing animal-free dessert experience.  

    You can find Yo-Chi frozen yogurt in BalaclavaCarltonYarraville and their newest store, Hawthorn. They’re open every day until 11pm, too—perfect for late-night cravings! 

    27.3.15:The DIY Dessert Bar That's Vegan-Friendly Too

    The DIY Dessert Bar That's Vegan-Friendly Too

    There’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted sweet treat—your favourite blend of flavours, the right amount of toppings, all rounded off with that perfect swirl of honey or fruit coulis. Even better when it’s guilt-free—we’re talking low-fat healthy dessert and smoothie options that are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and even dairy-free. At The Urban List, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s only one name worth talking about when it comes to DIY vegan desserts in Melbourne, and that’s Yo-Chi!

    Yo-Chi’s four awesome Melbourne venues—BalaclavaCarltonYarraville and the most recent addition, Hawthorn—all offer an amazing DIY dessert experience that leads to delicious results. The concept is simple: Grab a bowl, serve yourself any mix of frozen yogurt flavours, toppings and sauces that you desire—yes, you can go for a 16 flavour mega-mix—weigh, pay and enjoy.

    We know that healthy desserts that actually deliver on taste can be few and far between, which is why we are so blown away by Yo-Chi’s vegan frozen yogurt. Their all-natural ingredients and inspired recipes make Yo-Chi our pick of the best vegan desserts in Melbourne if you’re on the lookout for a tasty chilled treat. Add to that some fresh, juicy fruit (we’d recommend nectarines—in season and so sweet!) and a handful of nuts, seeds and granola, and you’ve got a mouth-watering bowl of healthy goodness.
    But Yo-Chi is not just peddling Melbourne’s best vegan desserts, oh no siree. You can also pick up some of the most delicious vegan smoothies in town, or Smoochis as they’re known in Yo-Chi-land. Their vegan frozen yogurt is perfect for smoothies that are light, refreshing and packed full of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables.
    With a variety of flavours and recipes that are fresh from Yo-Chi’s chefs’ imaginations, there’s always something new coming out of their kitchen. Not even us industry insiders get to know what’s coming next from these healthy dessert wizards, so make sure you’re following Yo-Chi on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for all the latest info.
    It’s going to be a bonus year for fro-yo addicts, as Yo-Chi has just introduced its loyalty card scheme, the Chi Club. Grab a Chi Club card when you’re next in one of Yo-Chi’s stores and begin clocking up points for free fro-yo. What’s that? An excuse to treat ourselves more often?! Don’t mind if we do…



    When it comes to frozen yogurt in Melbourne, Yo-Chi is the last word on this city’s favourite dessert. The company’s Hawthorn emporium serves up fro-yo and smoothies (or Smoochis, as they call them) in over twenty all-natural flavours that can be enjoyed with any number of toppings—fresh fruit, nuts, homemade crumbles, chocolate drops and stewed compotes…the list is endless!

    You might recognise the name—Yo-Chi Hawthorn (part of the Troubadour Arcade, Glenferrie Road) is the latest addition to the Yo-Chi family, which now has four stores across Melbourne: BalaclavaCarlton and Urban List favourite, Yarraville.

    What’s better yet is that every Yo-Chi store (newcomer Hawthorn included) is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free friendly. Whether you’re looking for Melbourne’s best vegan desserts or in need of a refreshing vegan smoothie, Yo-Chi Hawthorn’s 100% pure coconut milk options have you covered.

    It’s a DIY affair where customers pay by weight, which means the combination of all-natural frozen yogurt and delicious toppings (including healthy options) is totally up to you. Mix up a low-fat vegan treat if you’re feeling angelic, go straight for the Reece’s Cups if you’re in the mood for a choc-topped feast, or if you can’t decide, ask one of the friendly staff to blend you a dairy-free smoothie!

    The frozen yogurt flavours vary with the seasons—Yo-Chi’s team of in-house chefs are always working on the latest thing—so the best way to keep up to speed with new tasty releases is to follow Yo-Chi on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. That way, you’ll get the latest news straight from the kitchen.

    21.1.15:Yo-Chi in Inside Retail by Deborah Jackson

    Yo-Chi in Inside Retail by Deborah Jackson

    Yo-Chi is vertically integrated, producing all natural fermented frozen yogurts, with each store having around eight flavours and a rotating variety of 12 different toppings on display at any given time. […]  Yo-Chi has four Melbourne stores in Balaclava, Carlton, Yarraville, and Hawthorn with footprints ranging from 112sqm to 232sqm. All stores include internal seating, wi-fi, and are designed to be a destination.

    “Our basis has been to go for sites a little bit off location because the product is so upmarket, and trying to do stuff that’s a little bit different with innovative designs,” said Stul.

    The stores were all created by design studio, Projects of Imagination, with the simple brief to present “innovation”.  Each store is a product of its environment, tailored to appeal to the demographic of its location. The only common thread throughout all stores is a giant Yo-Chi koala statue.

    According to Stul, a common mistake made by retailers is to become too big, too fast, sacrificing quality along the way.

    “I wouldn’t be beholden to a timeframe or a number,” he said.

    “Something that we want to maintain is a AAA grade quality on every level in terms of quality of product, service, and ambiance. We’ll roll it out based on that criteria rather than speed.

    “We’ve just got to make sure that we don’t do anything at all which is detrimental to the brand. In the long run, quality will always come out in any category and that’s where we want to be.  “The key to everything is innovation… Money is not the criteria, the criteria is to offer the customer the best possible product and the healthiest product. That’s where we want to be and we’ve always maintained that.”



    When Yo-Chi first opened on Carlisle Street in Balaclava in 2012, it was a phenomenal success. The store was bustling from midday until close, while copycats scrambled to open their own designer fro-yo spin-offs.

    Yo-Chi sat on its winning formula for over a year before finally opening a second Carlton store in late 2013. And now, within the space of two weeks, it has suddenly opened two more: first in Yarraville and as of today, Hawthorn.

    Positioned within the Troubadour Arcade on Glenferrie Road, the new store brings along its regular offerings as well as smoothies and some rotating seasonal flavours.

    Long time collaborators Projects of Imagination have designed the interior once more, with graphic artwork created by artist Andy Rementer.

    Yo-Chi Hawthorn 
    673 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 
    (03) 9819 0046

    Daily, noon – 11pm

    05.12.14:Yo-Chi Opens in Yarraville

    Yo-Chi Opens in Yarraville

    The original minimalist frozen yoghurt shop has opened a third store.

    Frozen yoghurt is everywhere – but let’s not forget the original players who sparked the bright, minimalist fro-yo-stores-that-are-cool-to-hang-out-in movement.

    Following the Balaclava and Carlton stores, Yo-Chi has just opened a third venue in Ballarat Street, Yarraville.


    All regular flavours will be pulling in to the West’s new yoghurt station, along with various seasonal specials and vegan and gluten-free options.

    Multidisciplinary design studio Projects of Imagination has returned to create the fit out, this time with more emphasis on blackbutt wood and graphic illustrations on the walls.

    Yo-Chi Yarraville 
    2 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 
    (03) 9687 4901

    Daily 12pm–11pm

    03.12.14:YO-CHI GOES WEST!


    We’re delighted to announce the opening of our latest store at 2 Ballarat Street, Yarraville. 
    Purpose built as a place to experiment and have fun, our latest store features 8 delicious yogurts rotating at any one time along with our signature Smoochi station.
    Making an appearance will be fan favourites including Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Signature Tart with seasonal specials like Persian Delight and Mango.  Vegan and dietary options will also feature amongst the lineup with Coconut (made from pure fermented coconut milk) and Chocolate Hazelnut (made with pure fermented almond milk yogurt) at the self-serve bar.

    In keeping with all our stores, our vegan choices extend to our entire Smoochi range.
    Designed once again by our friends at Projects of Imagination, our Yarraville store is playful.  In contrast to the natural wood finishes of Balaclava and Carlton, Yarraville features bespoke black-butt furniture and joinery juxtaposed against walls adorned with high impact, vibrant graphics created in collaboration with renowned international artist Andy Rementer.
    Yo-Chi Yarraville is a delicious place to inspire and be inspired.  Come say hello – doors open from 12pm!



    We’re super excited to announce that two shiny new stores are in the works!
    Behind all the scaffolding, we’re a flurry of activity and will be ready to serve come Summer.
    To keep up to date on openings and everything happening in store – join us on our socials:
    Facebook - /iloveyochi
    Instagram - @iloveyochi
    Twitter - @weloveyochi



    While I remain absolutely loyal to my favourite Froyo place in Sydney, my froyo-free record was edging into 4+ months by the time J told us about Yo-Chi in Melbourne (honestly, I am very much over froyo). But after our Town Mouse dining adventure, we happened to walk past the branch near Lygon St. 

    Sydney? You officially need to step up your froyo game. 
    I'm a firm believer in the power of aesthetics. And while it is not always proved right, any store that has a consistent, high-quality aesthetic, from its product branding to interior design of its stores, will probably have a product good enough to believe in.

    And when that aesthetic is a very Japanese-inspired affair of light wood accents with stone/marble finishing and attractive typography, I'm going to be into it, hook, line and sinker.  

    And that's what sets Yo-Chi leaps and bounds ahead from any other froyo place to me.

    It's a froyo place - but it's a froyo place with a clear idea of its appeal and what the customer might expect. It seems unbelievably fitting, then, that their froyo flavours include salted butterscotch, coffee and chai (oh yes, you need to try their chai) to its fruit piece toppings (yes, watermelon and fresh mint) and organic halva (also a good one to try).

    With new flavours like lime and avocado, you really get a sense they're not afraid to keep reinventing. 

    The shameless hipster in me is unashamed (and it actually does taste good). 

    Forget the desperate scramble for more and more real estate space - if you're going to jump on any sort of food bandwagon or trend, you need to create a brand that will make someone stop and do a double take in the street. 

    It can be as simple as marketing your brand using organic textures and minimalist typography and concentrating on rare flavours and toppings: a stark counterpoint to the neon, new-age pop cute of its rival franchises. Nothing is wrong with the latter - it's just that thinking outside the box might get you further.

    Now what will it take for a Sydney expansion, Yo-Chi? 



    Healthy eating has just got a whole lot better with Yo-Chi, the latest brand to jump on the emerging frozen yoghurt trend.

    98% fat free and using only the finest natural ingredients, Yo-Chi provides what every sweet tooth dreams of: the chance to indulge in what we love to eat without the added calories and hidden nasties. In addition to that, they use freshly cut fruit prepared daily on site, which means you’re in for a treat because fresh is always the best.

    For those of you who have never experienced Yo-Chi before, creating your personalised frozen yoghurt is like working a Slurpee machine, the only twist being that you get to choose from a variety of toppings such as mango pop pearls, almonds, blueberries and much more. It’s quite simple really – first you choose the yoghurt flavour you want to have as base. There are traditional flavours such as vanilla, coconut and chai, but if you’re feeling adventurous I highly recommend the lime and avocado, apple pie and hazelnut. Each of the flavours are rotated occasionally, so you’ll always be introduced to something new and exciting every time you go there.

    To top it all off, add any topping you desire and voila, you have yourself your mini heaven in a cup.

    The point of difference with Yo-Chi is that they always find the natural approach – not only is their dairy range produced from authentic Greek yoghurt but they also pride themselves in finding natural alternatives to their vegan range, using ingredients such as pure coconut milk, soybean and avocado to provide that deliciousness we all know and love from yoghurt. As a dessert enthusiast myself, we can now officially say goodbye to guilty eating!

    However, the icing on the cake is the sweetness aspect of Yo-Chi. Instead of adding artificial sugars and sweeteners, they use honey, organic agave nectar or raw, unprocessed sugar. What’s even better is that many of their ingredients are from local Australian suppliers, so by eating at Yo-Chi not only are you reaping the benefits of frozen yoghurt but you’re supporting local causes and the Australian farms that work tirelessly to provide us with fresh produce to nibble on.

    So if you have an appetite for life and highly crave that good accomplished feeling after eating a healthy dessert without all the guilty baggage, then it’s time to make a trip to Yo-Chi.



    Together with Melbourne’s media, friends and fine-food connoisseurs, Yo-Chi officially launched its Carlton store amidst much delight and fanfare last night.

    Packed to the rafters, guests reveled in the endless fresh fruit offerings, self-serve yogurt creations, indulged their creativity at the self-serve toppings bar and enjoyed Yo-Chi’s revolving signature Smoochis amongst an atmosphere abuzz with celebration.

    The night was an enormous success with guests leaving with Yo-Chi smiles, happy bellies and custom event tote bags n hand.

    Sample a slice of the deliciousness here


    10.02.14:Two Minutes With The Founders of Yo-Chi

    Two Minutes With The Founders of Yo-Chi

    The frozen yoghurt revolution has arguably been the biggest thing to hit Melbourne since the news that Snoop Dogg (or should I say Snoop Lion) is now allowed to enter our fine shores. And for anyone that’s tried it, it can be unanimously agreed that Yo-Chi is leading the pack in terms of quality and deliciousness. We take two minutes with founders - Manny Stul, Jason Solomon, and Jon Stul to talk about the froyo insurgency, their froyo inspirations, and what it’s like as a business owner in Melbourne.

    TUL: Tell us a bit about the concept of serve yourself froyo. Where did you first get the inspiration to open up shop in Melbourne?
    Having seen the basic concept overseas, we saw an opportunity to take it to the highest level using natural ingredients, premium yogurts, outstanding friendly customer service, and innovative design. Being Melbournites, we couldn’t think of a better place for our very first store!

    TUL: To what do you attribute the mass influx of self-serve frozen yoghurt spots in Melbourne over the past 12 months?
    A lot of people see a frozen yogurt store and think – easy.  What they don’t realise however is that to create a true frozen yogurt takes a lot of hard work, a lot of testing and trialing, and endless resources.  Rushed flavours, cheap and nasty ingredients and design knock-offs simply won’t stand the test of time – customers are smarter than that.

    TUL: Considering this influx, how does your product stand out from the rest? Why is it always Yo-Chi I see with lines trailing out the door?
    Because there’s no substitute for quality and taste!  Melbournites are a food savvy bunch and they know a copycat after a quick buck when they see one. Our customers are loyal because they know that we take the time to craft our flavours from scratch, using real and natural ingredients sourced from local suppliers.  They know that our yogurt is made from “real” yogurt that we cultivate ourselves, and they know we’re about fresh produce, healthy options and only selling what we are proud of.  There are no cut-corners at Yo-Chi.

    TUL: How long did it take you to get from the “We should open a frozen yoghurt shop” discussion to actually opening Yo-Chi in Balaclava?
    It took some time, largely because of our staunch commitment to quality. From our yogurts, toppings and Smoochis to our store interiors - perfection is paramount and we invested a lot of time up front ensuring we had the resources and relationships to provide the highest quality products and best store experience for our customers, not just for today, but into the future.  

    TUL: Starting any business is hard work. What was the hardest thing about making Yo-Chi a success?
    Ensuring we’re always keeping things fresh and interesting for our customers.  Innovation is at the forefront of any successful business plan, particularly when there are so many other players in the game. Luckily, we’ve got a great team of clever thinkers behind us who love a challenge!

    TUL: You’ve recently opened your second store in Carlton, considering the fierce rivalry between north and south in Melbourne have there been any big differences you’ve noticed so far?
    No big differences. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the support we’ve received from our friends north of the city since opening in December - particularly of our gluten-free and dairy-free options. Our vegan Coconut yogurt crafted from 100% pure coconut milk has also been a big hit north side!

    TUL: What is your inspiration when deciding on your flavour combos & toppings choices? What is your menu based on at any given time during the year?
    Because of our commitment to using real and fresh ingredients, our yogurt menu is heavily influenced by seasonal availability.  When it comes to our toppings – it’s about having healthy options interspersed with some unique treats which both satisfy different palates and compliment our yogurt flavours perfectly.

    TUL: What’s your favourite other Carlisle Street spot?
    For coffee – Common Ground L.E.S
    For a drink – Uncle
    For lunch – Ziggys

    TUL: What’s your favourite Carlton spot?
    For coffee – Market Lane
    For a drink – Carlton Wine Room
    For lunch – DOC Pizza

    09.01.14:The Urban List

    The Urban List

    Yo-Chi Leads the Froyo Revolution in Melbourne

    It’s always bittersweet when the Southside has to share one of its homegrown treasures with the north. Sweet because it shows them northerners what kind of awesome lies south of the river; bitter because we can no longer hold the exclusive claim to said treasure.

    The latest south-grown hero to expand its wings to the north is fabulous purveyor of frozen yoghurt,Yo-Chi.

    Last month Yo-Chi officially became multi-siders, opening up shop on Faraday Street in Carlton. Whilst southsiders who have been there since Yo-Chi's beginnings have relished in their claim of housing 'Melbourne's best frozen yoghurt', northsiders now have some requite with the second store also offering an extensive menu of fine froyo – including 12 delicious yoghurt options rotating at any one time.

    Making an appearance at the Carlton yogurt station will be fan favourites including Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Signature Tart, with some newbies like Coffee, Licorice, and Classic Vanilla. Vegan-friendly choices to cater for all you northside hipsters will also feature amongst the lineup, with Coconut (made from pure fermented coconut milk), and Banana Soybean (naturally sweetened with organic agave nectar) at the self-serve bar.

    Since opening its doors on Carlisle Street in Balaclava just over 12 months ago, Yo-Chi has fast become a beachside institution. With lines weaving out the door and down the street on any given night, Yo-Chi has well and truly set the standard in Melbourne for self-serve frozen yoghurt.

    In a town with more self-serve frozen yoghurt shops popping up than there are moles popping up in a game of Whack-a-mole, Yo-Chi is able to stand out from the rest due to their commitment to quality and fresh produce. Yo-Chi uses all natural, low fat, organic and locally sourced produce. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that there are more fresh and mouth-watering toppings than you’ll find at any other froyo spot.

    Yo-Chi Carlton is located at 194 Faraday Street and is now open 7 days a week from 11am till late.  So, northsiders, chuck on your ripped jeans, jump on your fixie, and head on down.



    If you happened to wander down Lygon Street on the weekend you may have come across a few blue-aproned Yo-Chi ladies handing out cups of pastel-coloured frozen yogurt. Just over a year after opening their doors in Balaclava, the fro-yo masters behind Yo-Chi have brought their frozen creations northside, with the opening of their second shop in Carlton on Saturday.

    Located in the old Brunetti building, the new Yo-Chi is bigger than its southside sister with an interior inspired by Italian marketplaces - a nod to its Carlton location. 

    Designed by Projects of Imagination, the same team that did up their first store, the new space retains that unmistakable Yo-Chi cool. “We've worked hard to develop a space which is relaxed and inviting, visually inspiring and culturally relevant to the area,” co-owner Manny Stul says.

    The gigantic Yo-Chi koala has come along too, this time covered in a bright pattern resembling a European tablecloth. But the crown jewel of the new store is the expansive toppings bar. Sitting smack in the middle of the shop the bar is adorned with market style shutters and hand crafted ceramic bowls filled with all the signature toppings.

    Yo-Chi enthusiasts will be happy to find the self-serve concept remains the same, pick a yogurt flavour, get creative with the toppings, and pay by weight. The Carlton shop has 12 flavours, featuring all the Balaclava favourites along with new additions like licorice, coffee and classic vanilla. There are also decent options for the non-dairy and vegan customers.

    Frozen yogurt joints come and go a lot in this city but Yo-Chi has endured. With its tasty toppings and effortlessly cool setting, this new outlet is sure to be a hit with the folks north of the river.

    24.09.13:Yo-Chi Featured on Channel 9's Postcards

    Yo-Chi Featured on Channel 9's Postcards

    The perfect spot to stop along Carlisle Street for a fun and healthy treat is Yo-Chi Self Serve Frozen Yogurt.  Yo-Chi is all natural, 98% fat free yogurt made using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local growers.
    Freshly prepared on site each day, there are eight flavours to choose from at any one time including Chai, Mixed Berry, Coconut, Chocolate, Original and dairy free / gluten free Honey SoyBean.  But choosing your yogurt flavour is only half the fun!  The toppings are where things can get really crazy as you can choose from a number of fresh options including nuts, fresh fruit, oreos, fudge bites, cheesecake bites, coconut, caramel sauce and boysenberry compote.  With Yo-Chi's self-serve, weigh and pay model - you are the master of your own yogurt destiny, and pay only for what you choose.  Eating yogurt has never been so much fun!

    04.09.13:The Urban List

    The Urban List


    All hail Yo-Chi, the all-conquering froyo store located on Carlisle Street, Balaclava. Yo-Chi is ALWAYS busy (seriously, I’ve never seen it less than packed) and once you try it, you’ll know why. By providing delicious self-serve flavours (everything from Original Tart to the new Lemon Cream Cheese Torte) and fresh fruit and deliciously naughty toppings in a fun yet relaxed space, Yo-Chi have created one of Melbourne’s most happening social spots.
    292 Carlisle Street in Balaclava
    03 9527 7001

    15.3.13 Broadsheet:Broadsheet


    Yo Chi’s vivid neon sign and crisp white interior will lure you from Carlisle Street into a self-serve yogurt bar with more than 22 toppings waiting temptingly in the centre of the room.

    Co-owners Jason Solomon and Manny Stul have been determined to create the highest quality yogurt store in the world. Produce is locally sourced, low in fat and served with biodegradable cutlery.

    The self-serve process is simple: select a size, fill with your yogurt flavour of choice and adorn with any number of seasonal toppings which are priced by weight. Yogurt flavours are rotated seasonally and range from coconut to chai and mixed berry and a signature blend of honey soybean. Toppings like caramelised pineapple and chocolate-covered goji berries can be difficult to keep restrained.

    Just like the yogurt and garnishes, the interior is extremely inviting. The team behind the space are also to thank for Projects of Imagination, the creative minds behind venues such as Golden Fields,St Edmonds and Chin Chin. Their trademark quirk permeates the bar and central Koala statue, which is regarded as the “overseer of yogurt delight”.



    Take a stroll down Carlisle Street this weekend and check out Yo-Chi – a new self-serve yoghurt bar with over 22 toppings to choose from.

    Opening its doors last week, Yo-Chi’s vivid neon sign and crisp white interior has already garnered a lot of attention. Simply standing at the threshold of this new yoghurt bar in Balaclava will have you awash with feelings of curiosity. Turn left to see a rainbow neon sign, straight ahead to stare into the eyes of a giant cartoon koala or, most interestingly, look straight ahead and let your eyes rest on the kaleidoscope of self-serve toppings waiting temptingly in the centre of the room.

    Co-owners Manny Stul and Jason Solomon are on a mission to create the highest quality yogurt store in the world. The result is a welcoming place with a social conscience. Produce is locally sourced, low in fat and even the cutlery is biodegradable.

    Yo-Chi is inspired by the many incarnations of yoghurt bars that are growing in popularity across the globe and is entirely self-serve. The process is simple: select a size, fill with your yogurt flavour of choice and adorn with any number of seasonal toppings. Yogurt flavours are rotated seasonally and range from chai and mixed berry to coconut. The signature blend is honey soybean and there are 22 toppings to choose from.

    Be warned, this help yourself concept can lead to severe eyes-bigger-than-stomach syndrome. Toppings like caramelised pineapple and chocolate-covered goji berries will have you adding more and more (just don’t forget all these toppings are priced by weight).

    Those who know their downward dog from their tree pose will know the benefits of maintaining a healthy inner wellbeing or ‘chi’ and will appreciate the quality of the yoghurt product itself. Stul is the proprietor of a certified organic farm and a strict vegetarian, so you know the produce is up to scratch.

    "We wanted to create a product people could believe in – one that was natural, healthy, free from artificial nasties and provided options for those seeking low in fat, no dairy or no gluten alternatives," says Stul.

    Just as the yoghurt and its accompaniments are of the highest quality, so too is the space itself. The inviting interior comes courtesy of the team at Projects of Imagination, the creative minds behind venues such as Golden Fields, St Edmonds and Chin Chin. Their trademark quirk permeates the bar, where nothing is accidental and even the tiniest detail has been carefully considered.

    For example, the aforementioned Yo-Chi Koala statue, which stands poised with giant spoon and Yo-Chi cup in hand, is regarded as the "overseer of yoghurt delight".

    "We wanted a space that invited our customers to enjoy, mingle and feel comfortable to stay a while,"says Stul.

    With customers already lining up for a guilt-free dessert, it would seem local ice cream stores might be given a run for their money.

    22.9.12:Weekend Notes

    Weekend Notes

    So, with baited breath, my kids have been watching and waiting, as the Carlisle Street shop front of the new Yo Chi Frozen Yoghurt store in Balaclava/East St Kilda has been painstakingly made-over. And now it has finally opened, it's gone from makeover to take-over, drawing enthusiastic crowds.

    Yo Chi is Australian owned and operated and it's first store has opening in the busy cafe-shopping hub of Carlisle Street, just near the train bridge. It's a self-serve bar, which is part of the fun: there are 8 different flavours on offer and you choose the size of cup you want (small, medium, large, but read that as large, huge and gigantic), then mix and match the flavours you fancy. You are also welcome to ask to taste any of the flavours before you fill your tub. When we went in, there was Mango, Dark Chocolate, Fruits of the Forest, Vanilla, Original, Original with a Tang (think Greek yoghurt) and a honey-soy concoction which is dairy and gluten free.


    Once you have swirled your dish full of the creamy stuff, head over to the counter, where you can add all sorts of chopped fresh (not frozen, which is lovely): strawberry, kiwi fruit, cantaloupe, banana, stewed apples or rhubarb, fig and fruit compotes, raspberry coulis, lychee balls, maple jelly, muesli, halva, crumble toppings, coconut, and of course the more mandatory lollies, chocolate peanuts, Smarties and choc-fudge sauce. Oh, and did I mention the yoghurt itself is 98% fat-free (though certainly not sugar-free). You may well cancel out any health benefit depending on your choice of toppings!

    Next step is to take it to the weigh-in and pay. A small tub, filled moderately with a nice selection of toppings weighed 200g and cost just over $5, but it's good to keep the weight-cost ratio in mind when filling up: $2.80 per 100g.

    Yochi Yochi

    The best things about Yo Chi is its staff - they are unremittingly friendly, helpful and welcoming, and full of enthusiasm and cheer. The cafe itself is bright, clean and spacious (we managed a wheelchair with no problems) and has well-spaced tables and bars, including some outdoor tables. It has a slightly quirky retro-kitsch-space-age feel to it, thanks to the wall mural: my teenager describes it as Tokyo meets New York. All in all a great place to refresh on a sunny day.