Yo-Chi’s New Co-Chi Bowls!

We are so proud to announce our new reusable Co-Chi bowls! Save 10% off your Yo-Chi every time you reuse yours + with every $12 sale of our Co-Chi bowls we will donate $5 to the Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Amongst the difficulties and challenges that COVID-19 has brought, Yo-Chi are encouraging the restoration towards happiness, support and social connections through our recent partnership with the Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary. This leading wildlife Sanctuary is a 5-acre property in Barwon Heads, Victoria and is a place for the rehabilitation of all native Australian Animals.

The opportunity to meet Tehree Gordon, the inspiring individual behind this operation, came to the forefront last week, as she visited our Balaclava store with some superior company, one of the Sanctuaries Koalas. This partnership, additionally paralleled to our collaboration with the brand, ‘Coconut Bowls’ ensured the progression towards capturing numerous images of the Koala enjoying one of our delicious flavours – Coconut – with the requested special edition topping, Eucalyptus leaves. Tehree herself was impeccable when caring for and handling the koala, and hence it was exceedingly visible to identify the beloved connection she portrays towards this wildlife… this photo proves it. Check out our chat with Tehree here!

Two of our team members the week prior had visited the Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary in order to form a greater connection to this cause and to comprehend and embrace the Sanctuaries vision, overall mission and culture. Through the purchase of just one single Co-Chi Bowl, that could feed either a Koala for 5 days, a Kangaroo for 2 and a half days, an Emu for 3 days, an Echidna for 8 days or a Parrot for 17 days. If this is what a single $5 contribution can do, imagine the success when our Yo-Chi community unites and raises increased levels of funds for this motivating cause… The perfect opportunity to optimise your social responsibility and change in this world, by our sides!

For more information, please feel free to check out the Sanctuaries Facebook and Website platforms through the respective.

links; https://www.facebook.com/Jirrahlinga/ and https://www.jirrahlinga.com.au/visit_us.html

Share the Chi!

Noosa gets invited to share the Chi

Yo-Chi has officially opened its ninth store in Noosa, inviting locals and holidaymakers to Share the Chi.


A perfect match for the laid-back vibe that Noosa is so loved for, Yo-Chi’s “a yogurt a day” approach to life encourages daily delights and taking the time to share the Chi with friends and family, and for yourself. Yo-Chi opened its Noosa doors at Shop 5/30 Hastings Street (upstairs next to Rip Curl) on Friday 29th July, offering a menu of frozen yogurt flavours that includes staples of chocolate, signature tart yogurt, strawberry, and classic vanilla, as well as a rotation of seasonal surprises such as taro, coconut, and mango. The much-loved Yo-Chi buffet of toppings encourages people to truly create their own masterpieces and to mix and match flavour combinations to create their own perfect dessert.



The excitement will just keep coming as in the next few months Yo-Chi sets to open another 5 stores. Keep your eyes on our socials to find out when and where!

Yo-Chi Noosa: Shop 5/30 Hastings Street Noosa

For store locations, click here!

Yo-Chi announces gourmet dessert chef collaborations

Yo-Chi, Australia’s fastest growing and most popular frozen yogurt brand, has announced a line-up of collaborations with some of the nation’s hottest dessert chefs – and the results are mouth-watering.


Launching in August with revered and awarded Melbourne pastry chef Pierrick Boyer of Reverie Cafe & Desserts in Prahran & Doncaster, the monthly roll out of sweet collaborations is set to level up frozen yogurt around the country by introducing a bespoke and limited-time topping created by each guest chef. And what’s better than your favourite dessert? Your favourite dessert adorning a delicious bowl of (almost) guilt free frozen yogurt!

Pierrick rose to the challenge of working with Yo-Chi for the brand’s first collaboration, creating a salted caramel mud cake that is beyond decadent. Dense and delicious caramel flavoured mud cake is layered with lashings of caramel, encased in firm chocolate and that pairs perfectly with Yo-Chi’s original, vanilla or salted butterscotch flavoured frozen yogurts. Drizzled with caramel, Pierrick’s salted caramel mud cake topping sets the bar for future collaborations at very high, and very, very delicious.

Paris born and Melbourne raised, Pierrick is well known for his amazing cakes and pastries. With a passion for patisserie from a young age, Pierrick’s skills have earned him the title of Gault and Millau Pastry Chef of the Year – the equivalent of a 3-star Michelin rating in the world of desserts, as well as having his peanut chocolate-raspberry gateaux named the Best Gateau in Melbourne, and one of the best chocolate cakes in Victoria.

Already known for their amazing array of frozen yogurt flavours and buffet of pick-and-mix toppings, Yo-Chi is upping the boujee and flavour factors with their limited-edition chef collaborations, designed to celebrate local dessert talent – and of course the delights of frozen yogurt.

Pierrick Boyer’s salted caramel mud cake topping will be available in all Yo-Chi stores during the month of August.

Future collaborations include Darren Purchese, Tokyo Lamington, Anna Polyviou, and Kirsten Tibballs.


For store locations, click here!

Yo-Chi’s New Chi Club App

Yo-Chi has just announced our new Chi Club app. Here are 5 reasons why you should download the app and join the family today!

At Yo-chi we love to share the chi and give our members delicious rewards. Not only can we do this in store but through our new App now available from the app store! If you’re tossing up whether or not to join the fam, here are the reasons why the Chi Club is the coolest club to join.

  1. 2-4-1 Voucher until 8th of Feb!

App launch hype gets you a free Yo-chi! For the first weekend of the app launch you get a two for one deal. Yo-Chi date sorted.

  1. Track your points on the Yo-Chi App

Every time you spend $10 at Yo-chi you get 1 point in the Chi Club. Once you hit 10 points you get $10 to spend in-store! But wait there’s more.. you get 2 points when you sign up and get a huge 10 points on your birthday every year! All of your points are saved and tracked easily for you to view on the app.

  1. Exclusive offers

The Chi Club app has an offers sections where we’ll upload ‘Random Acts of Chi’ exclusive deals. (This is the best part of the app)

  1. Scrap the plastic and be fantastic!

Forget your plastic card, the Chi Club app is all you need.

  1. Stay updated

Find out important info such as what yoghurt is currently swirling in all stores, closest store to you and profile info. With so many benefits awaiting, the most important part is to know where to find it, whether it be Malvern, Balaclava, Hawthorn, Carlton or our new stores opening up soon (how exciting!).


Download the app and join the Chi Club today with the links below:

Apple App Store

Android – Google Play Store

Share the Chi!