Yo-Chi’s November Special-Chi Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

For the month of November, Yo-Chi fans around the country will have the chance to enjoy the limited-edition topping of chocolate and raspberry tart, with a layer of raspberry jam on the bottom and chocolate ganache on top! The mouth-watering, exclusive topping pairs perfectly with a classic yogurt like signature tart or chocolate for some extra chocolatey-goodness, creating a perfect balance of sweet and sour and is sure to be the favourite flavour of the month.

As we’re soon heading into the summer months, Yo-Chi is changing things up and bringing back some of its traditional summer flavours as well as some new ones.

Some of the favourite flavours that are back in rotation include mango and coconut, of which a lot of our customers have been begging us to bring back in the stores to match the wide array of pick-and-mix toppings available. You will find both of these flavours back in store later this month!