Sharing the chi in our local ‘hood

We LOVE sharing the love with our locals, and our Communi-Chi program is one of the ways we put some good chi back into the community! From junior sports club to charities to local fundraising causes, think of us as your cheerleaders of chi, ready to lift up those who could use some extra support, encouragement or recognition. And for young artists looking to share the chi, keep an eye out for our fun colouring competitions!

Yo-Chiever Sponsorship

Every year we support a number of local junior sports clubs through each of our venue locations. Sponsored clubs receive a kit of Yo-Chiever certificates which are designed to award to a chosen player per team, per week. Each Yo-Chiever certificate also entitles the recipient to a free Yo-Chi at their local venue – winning all round!

Change for Change fundraising

Yo-Chi’s Change for Change Donation Boxes are an opportunity to support fundraising initiatives for community-based charities and foundations. You’ll find a Donation Box in every one of our venues and Yo-Chi is proud to match every dollar collected.

Colouring Competitions

We’re encouraging aspiring young artists to get creative with our monthly colouring competitions, with prizes to be won at every venue!

Get Involved!

WHat is a yo-chiEver?

Yo-Chiever [yoh-chē-ver]


Someone who ‘Shares The Chi’.

The ‘best on ground’ performer, or the quiet achiever. The one who rallies the team, shows up for others when they’re struggling, and brings good energy by the bucketload.


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    Just a handful of our recent Yo-Chiever sponsored clubs…

    Charities we support

    1/2 RAISED + 1/2 DONATED