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    There’s more to us than frozen yogurt

    As a brand, our purpose is to create more positive energy in the world. Our venues are buzzing hubs of creativity, inclusivity and fun, where people can create what makes them happy. We’re a meeting point for friends, family and the community, just as much as we’re a meeting point for like-minded team members who want to work with a bunch of people who they genuinely like. We’re all about sharing energy (chi!), and we’d be nothing without the amazing team of people who bring the good stuff day in, day out, as the heart and soul of our brand.

    We’re always on the lookout for people who bring the good vibes

    We figure if you’ve got the energy, the initiative, and the ability to gel with a team, then it’s likely we can teach you everything else you’ll need to know to become a Yo-Chi superstar (who would have thought there’s an art to chopping strawberries!?).

    Join us – be it for a year or a career …

    Whether you’re looking for casual work while studying or figuring out what’s next in life, or you’re looking for a full time career path to learn and grow to your full potential, we have a range of roles available at any given time. Check out the current vacancies listed below, and get your application in … you never know where it could lead you!