Yo-Chi is on a mission to create positive energy for the planet.

We want to make sustainable, earth-friendly retail the new norm. By making changes in our own business, we hope to inspire conscious consumers and businesses to do the same.

The first step requires radical honesty, without rose-coloured glasses or flattering filters. It’s about acknowledging the reality of disposable packaging that ends up in landfill. It’s weighing up the business opportunity of selling bottled water against the devastating impact of single-use plastics on the environment.



Maximising Reusables

The best option for the environment will always be reusables over any single-use packaging. Our Yo-Chi reusable range is priced for the planet, not profit.

  • Our Co-Chi bowls are made from upcycled coconut shells and Co-Chi spoons from reclaimed ebony wood, with a 10% discount every time they’re used. $10 for the combo.
  • Our $5 aluminium water bottles encourage refill over landfill, with unlimited still and sparkling water refills in all venues.
  • As of 2024, we are designing new reusable cups with the goal of making reusable Yo-Chi cups as trendy as coffee cups!

A commitment to compostables

Disposable packaging remains a necessity of our business, but by changing to 100% compostable we reduce carbon emissions as it’s created and avoid the release of toxic chemicals as it breaks down.

  • All packaging you touch at Yo-Chi is compostable (cups, lids, spoons, napkins, sample cups)
  • Our toppings and share pack containers for home-delivered Yo-Chis are home-compostable.
  • As of 23/04/24 in SA and WA we are working towards composting all packaging and food waste. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in the Eastern States due to the waste facilities not accepting compostable packaging (yet).

No single-use plastics

Single use plastics are one of the biggest contributors to landfill, taking decades to break down and releasing toxic emissions into the environment in the process. That’s why we:

  • No longer sell drinks. That means no plastic water bottles or soft drinks.
  • Instead, we installed water stations to provide customers with free still or sparkling water.

Consciousness in the every day

With a mindset of sustainability, we can ensure we’re making decisions that are not only the best for our stores and our customers but also better for the environment.

  • We are proud to provide endless vegan options
  • Our paper napkins are made from recycled paper.
  • We use reusable silicone toppings bowl coverings instead of glad wrap
  • Where possible we choose Australian products to reduce transportation emissions.


Our goal is to be make earth friendly retail, the new norm. Here's our journey so far:


Maximising compostable packaging and reusables, and minimising the use of plastic:

  • No plastic single-use water bottles
  • New compostable yogurt cups with plant-based linings
  • New FSC certified wooden spoons
  • New lids made of plant-based materials
  • Continuous supply of reusables at an accessible price point

Water stations replacing single-use drinks and compost programs

  • Introduce composting program for all fruit offcuts and yoghurt wastage
  • Free still and sparkling water stations installed in every venue

Compost programs & anti-littering

  • Commercial composting trial in South Aus. Aim to compost everything in the customer experience including cups, lids, spoons, sample cups, yogurt wastage.
  • New rubbish pick-up initiative where our teams dedicate paid time every week to picking up Yo-Chi waste around our venues
  • Partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful to educate our customers about the impacts of littering.

As of 12/04/2024

  • We are now expanding our composting of all packaging and food waste to all SA venues possible.
  • Commercial compost trial expanding to WA venue Leederville.
We're committed to 'controlling the controllables', and that means every element of the packaging that Yo-Chi customers use in their experience with us. Unfortunately we're not able to control the packaging our suppliers deliver ingredients in.