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    Do you have vegan/dairy free options?

    Of course, take a look on our Yogurts page to see all our flavours. We have a Yo-Chi for everyone. See our flavours here!

    Are you gluten free?

    Yes! Almost all of our yogurts are gluten-free, take a look on our Yogurts page to see all our flavours. See our flavours here!

    Does Yo-Chi franchise its business?

    We genuinely appreciate the interest in Yo-Chi, however it is our intention to keep all stores company owned. please contact us here

    Where can I find the nutritional information of your yogurt?

    We are consistently adding new flavours and trying to improve our existing range - so for the latest nutritional information Please ask the venue leader at your favourite Yochi to show you the nutritional information sheet when your in store

    Where can I find the allergen information of your yogurt?
    Are you open?

    We are open 364 days a year, only closing on Christmas! Click here to find out the opening hours of the closest venue to you

    What can I redeem points on?

    You can redeem points for any products sold within the Yo-Chi store. For all Chi-Club details click here!

    How many points do I earn for every dollar I spend?
    I didn’t have my Chi-Club account ready to scan when purchasing my Yo-Chi, can I still earn points?

    We've got your back, send us a photo of your receipt and your Chi-Club number through our contact form and we will load the equivalent points on for you! Please contact us here

    I’ve paid for an E-Gift card but can’t seem to find it in my mailbox?

    1. Make sure to check the mail box from the email that has been listed as the ‘recipient’ 2. Make sure to check your ‘junk’ 3. If you have done both of the above and still haven’t found the E-Gift card, please contact us here