Chi is at the heart of
everything we do.

Yo-Chi was born from an idea to bring together delicious frozen yogurt with an infinite flow of good energy, in a space where people of all ages feel equally welcome.

The intention was to inspire creativity, encouraging customers to handcraft their own bespoke piece of unimaginable deliciousness.

Yo-Chi kick-started Melbourne’s self-serve frozen yogurt scene with the opening of its first venue in Balaclava in September 2012.

Today, we’re preparing to open stores all over the country.

We’re proud to be a family-owned Australian business, and chi remains at the heart of everything we do.

We believe we have an opportunity to amplify Yo-Chi’s positive energy, to have an impact outside the four walls of our venues. We want to continue giving back to the communities in each of our local neighbourhoods. And we want to embrace a radical new environmental honesty, holding ourselves accountable to make better decisions for the planet.

We’re ready to stand for something bigger, in order to create more positive energy in the world.

The Allis and Marro Families.

Environmental Honesty

We’re on a quest to make sustainable, earth-friendly retail the new norm, with market-leading action on single use plastic.

Communi-chi Minded

We share the chi by partnering with local community groups including sports teams, university associations and charities.

100% Australian Owned

We’re a family owned and run business; we make decisions based on our own values and we source from local suppliers.