Terms and Conditions of the Chi Club Membership

Membership is open to all residents of Australia.

To join collect a card in store and register online. Yo-Chi may grant or refuse membership in its absolute discretion. Card or barcode may not be copied or duplicated in any way. Each member is only permitted to have one membership which will be allocated to one nominated email address when you register.

On registration you will enter your contact details in its loyalty programme database and activate your membership. You will be required to provide your full name, date of birth, sex, email, favourite store and postcode. You will have access online at www.yochi.com.au/The Chi Club to your membership details. To log in, you will need to enter your email address and password. You will be able to log in and change your details at any time. It is your responsibility to update any changes to your details. You may opt out of the loyalty programme at any time by logging onto your account and emailing unsubscribe.

How do you earn and redeem Chi points?

You will receive 2 Chi points on joining the loyalty programme.

Earn 1 Chi point per $10 spent in a Yo-Chi store (on any products).

Once you have 10 Chi points you can redeem up to $10 worth of product FREE.

Redemption available on all products sold within the Yo-Chi store.

The system calculates how much is spent in each transaction so if you spend up to $4.49 you will earn 0.449 points.

Receive an additional 10 bonus Chi points on your birthday redeemable on any products in store up to the value of $12. Any balance payable over $10 will be payable by you.

If you purchase products less than $10 in value the balance is not redeemable in cash and the points will not be refunded.

Points gained cannot be used as a part-payment or redeemed for cash.

A maximum of 12 points may be redeemed in any one visit.

If you do not use your loyalty programme card for a period of two years your membership will end and all accrued entitlements and information will lapse.

Yo-Chi may offer special offers from time to time. These offers may include additional terms and conditions.

Some loyalty programme members may be ineligible to redeem special offers because of their age or legal